02 Jul


Our mission is to assist in the conservation and protection of threatened and endangered species, as well as habitat conservation efforts when and where possible.

Our mission is fulfilled through direct grants from FON to organizations around the world which our team have individually identified and vetted that have immediate impact projects in wildlife conservation, protection, preservation, and education. To date, FON has granted over $4,900,000. Learn more about the grants we have issued here.

FON receives funding in two ways: direct gifts to FON and sales of fine art limited edition photographs, books, and clothing articles:

• DONATIONS: 100% of funds donated to FON are passed through to these on-the ground organizations. Every penny that comes in as a gift or grant goes directly to groups that our team has vetted and we ensure that the funds are spent on the projects designated. If you are interested in supporting conservation and protection efforts and would like your money to go where it will have the greatest impact, our grant pass-through system is an excellent way to accomplish that. Please contact us for more information.

• SALES: 70% of revenue received from sales of photographs, books, and clothing goes directly to on-the-ground organizations working in conservation and protection. The other 30% of sales revenue is used to fund our operations. This funding allows us to avoid taking administrative fees from any of our gifts and grants.

Using conservation photography as the principal medium of communication, FON aims to promote awareness and raise funds through photography exhibitions, as well as the sale of our fine art limited edition photographs, books, and scarves.



“In my photographs, I let the animals and trees speak for themselves and hope other people see the beauty I see.”
Hussain Aga Khan

Hussain Aga Khan, an avid environmentalist since he was 12 years old and photographer since he was 22, recently established FOCUSED ON NATURE to share his passion and personal mission of conservation and the urgent need for more research and actionable initiatives on global issues negatively impacting the environment.

Through his eye, and self-taught photographic skills, he portrays what he calls “Life's Tiles - small pieces of life or little building blocks, recorded over several years”

Hussain has placed his entire portfolio at the disposal of FOCUSED ON NATURE, a part of which is being offered for sale. Benefits from sales of these limited edition photographs are donated to environmental organisations and efforts.

By purchasing one of these fine works of art printed by one the leading photographic laboratories in Paris, you are directly helping conserve wildlife.